About Us

The Weekend Editorial is an online editorial created by some of the world’s best emerging photographers. Available only from Friday to Sunday. Once taken down, these photos will be deleted forever.

Why Temp Art?

Its simple .

We believe that the concept of art is a living breathing thing . Able to  change our emotion , able to speak to us  and to be-able to influence society .

With that we asked ourselves ” Do we love something  more if we know it might leave us? ”

Thus The Weekend Editorial was created. Every piece of art that is put up every  weekend is taken down and deleted.  Never to be reproduced ever again .

Each month we give the best street and portrait photographers in the wold a broad theme to go on  . Each artist interprets it in his or her own view.

Which means none of the photos will look the same  and once gone , these works of art are never seen again .


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