Austin Dicamillo – Interview





In a few words, tell us a little bit about yourself?

Let’s see, I’m weird.  Ina good way of course.  I’m an artistic spaz, who can’t get enough of art. Many forms of art.  Currently it has become my comfort zone and home to express myself through photography.


How long have you been a photographer?

Around 3 years.  It was pick up put down kind of thing around the beginning.  But I got serious with it and downloaded a professional editing program, Lightroom, around a couple months over a year and a half ago.


How did you discover photography?

It kind off all rooted to me being glued to high quality images posted by young artists on the internet when I was younger. I always wanted to make my own, but I never took action on it until I pushed myself one day and realized how much of an escape and pure enjoyment it was for me.


Brooke Weekend

How was your first shooting? What did you shoot?

It started with skateboarding to be honest.  I use to skate all time with my friends around Tucson, but never had a camera on me to get the visuals I wanted.  So I ordered a camera and we went out to get shots of them skating.


Do you find yourself still discovering photography?

I’d like to say I’m unfolding photography, and let me tell you, you’ll never unfold 100%  In my opinion, it is limitless.  That is part of the beauty.



How would you describe your style?

My style right now, is more of a warm old school look.  I seem to have found this to be partly expressed from my very early child hood in the 90’s ranging from the style of cartoons, films, and random products they would release at the time.  But it all runs in mixed creativity from inspiration from the 70’s to the 90’s


What does photography mean to you?

Photography means the power of visual emotion and expression. It is home to me. Love.


What inspires you?

Actually pursuing something I LOVE has been enough for me to be inspired.  Also, there is my little brother Paul.  He is bigger than the world to me.  There is things that in comparison to the majority of kids, he doesn’t have.  I’ve saved his life, along with multiple times by my family.  He dreams, and constantly is obsessed with old school movies, shows, and toys. His mind is in the creative world like mine, but I know there is this wall on him.  I want that painful heart of his to be lifted up more than it ever has been by bringing him into a more creative and joyful environment.

Brooke Weekend 2


What would you like to photograph?

Starting on a large scale, I want to spend over a year or 2 photographing New York City.


A photographer you particularly admire?

Fursty.  He was one of the first photographers that partially triggered me to jump into photography.  He also gave me motivation.


Do you have any pre-shoot rituals??

Music and my mind to enhance the creative feeling and perspective.  


 Does the state of culture in America influence you at all?

Um There is a lot of interesting cultures in America that do influence me.  But some popular cultures I’m not interested in.

Brooke Weekend 2

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

This is hard question for me.  As a photographer there is so many beautiful and interesting places I want to explore.  But it’s hard to be certain with one place.   I say if it’s in the States. New York City.



What’s your next goal?


To see where this hard work takes me.  As it could be to start shooting for an awesome company, who knows.   My goal is to PUSH PUSH PUSH.



How can we find your art?

As an active account.  My instagram, @austindicamillo.  I have my website currently being worked with.  Also I’ll be uploading to

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