Yulia Bogatov – Small Talk

In a few words, tell us a little bit about yourself?


I am a massive nerd. I studied accounting and currently work for a fashion label in Sydney. I’ve only recently discovered photography and film, after a few failed rolls I’m learning the finer points of shooting. It’s exciting not knowing what your shots come out looking like; you really need to make them count. Sometimes it’s disappointing but others it can be a great surprise.

How long have you been a photographer?


More seriously since the middle of last year.

How did you discover photography?


My boyfriend had these old Pentax spotmatic film cameras he found in a thrift store way before we met. They were about 5 bux each. He showed me some of the photos he took with them and I though they looked great, honest and imperfect, like things are. He got me some film for my birthday; it took me forever to get it developed, once I did that was it.

How was your first shooting? What did you shoot?


I just took pictures of my friends and a road trip we went on, everyday things. I had no idea what I was doing so I didn’t know what to expect. It was exciting not being able to see what the photos actually looked like, made me think about what I was shooting more.

How would you describe your style?


I like to keep it unedited and spare of the moment.
What does photography mean to you?

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It’s a way for me to show others a moment that I find fascinating or beautiful in it’s own way. I take photos of memories that I want to share with others. I want to show them something they might not otherwise be able to see.
What inspires you?


Nature! I am lucky where I live, it’s close to the water and my daily train commute takes me through a national park. Everyday is a different view. It’s a bit out of the city and not many people in the city get to see this on a daily basis. I want to share this with them, it’s pretty special.


Seeing what other people around the world are doing also inspires me. There are some interesting concepts out there. Some photos I see and I think, that’s pretty cool, I want to try that or how can I use it for my ideas.

What would you like to photograph?


The Australian outback, I haven’t been through much of it and the red earth is very iconic. I would love to capture the Great Barrier Reef before it disappears and do more underwater photography.

A photographer you particularly admire?


Molly Steele, I like her landscape shots and she has a knack for capturing the carefree spirit.

What is happiness?


Drinking beers with my boyfriend on a tropical beach, riding around on scooters and eating delicious food from little street vendors.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?


I would split it, the first half of the year I would live at the family farm, which is three hours out of Sydney, its beautiful country out there. You get everything, in the summer its dry and harsh, in the winter it snows and in Autumn and Spring the hills all turn vivid green.


The second half I would live in Phu Qouc in Vietnam. The food in Vietnam is incredible, the beaches of Phu Qouc are spectacular and not many people know of it. It’s a little deserted if you go at the right time. Cruise around on scooters, drink beers on the beach, snorkel and explore the reefs. You really don’t have a care in the world there, its paradise.
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What’s your next goal?

I’m working on a show to put on in Sydney and at the end of the year heading to the states so working on doing a show in LA and New York.